PORT -吉塚のアトリエ-

Title : PORT-吉塚のアトリエ- /PORT -Yoshizuka Atelier-

Location : 福岡市博多区吉塚  /Yoshizuka,hakata-ku,fukuoka,JAPAN

Status : 2011年6月竣工      /Completed,Jun 2011

Structure :鉄骨造2階建/ Steel frame

Site area : 323.13m2

Building area : 164.91m2

Total floor area : 256.47m2

Architects : 松田和也(デザインニコ)/Kazuya Matsuda ( Design nico Architects)

Structured Environment :志水哲也(志水設計)/ Tetsuya Shimizu

General contractor : 志道工務店/Shiji Corporation


Photographer : 藤井浩司/Koji Fujii ( Nacasa&Partners Inc )




The site is located in the corner of ordinary residential area with the aspect of semi-industry. And there are factories, warehouse and high-rise condominiums which has increased in recent years.The place is in the distance of one station from the center of Fukuoka City, and it is located between street where the amount of through traffic is large in daytime.
Originally, this place used to be client’s house and cast aluminum factories. Not used because the family left the place temporarily but they began planning to build the dwelling has a function as showroom which can exhibit the products and the  furniture of cast aluminum.
Then, when I was planning a new scenery to this corner plot in a very ordinary residential area, I wanted to design this dwelling to have an oppotunity to connect with the town positively.
The first floor has the showroom, which displays architectural products and the furniture of cast aluminum designed by owners and the atelier space for their work, and there are Japanese-style room and the entrance for their residence.The second floor has a large atrium that extends from the first floor and residential space for the family.
Considering to my client’s lifestyle, it was preferable not to think this dwelling to be a commercial space and a residential space separately. I wanted to design each space should exist in the vaguely shared.
I planned the porch in the corner plot so that indoor element can be felt, moreover the town and the building positively have the connection as well because of this space of the showroom and the atelier.This porch leads natural light enough to the showroom by the effect of the roof made of FRP with the permeability. On the street side, the privacy and sunlight is secured because of covering the upper part with a horizontal louver of red Cedar between pillar and the diagonal pillar of H steel of which phosphoric acid is processed.
Because this space exists, the building and the town have a cozy connection and lead it to the residence space of the second floor comfortably at the same time.
The sunlight over this porch and the outside sign, for example, voice of the schoolchild in neighborhood who makes this space as playground, the people who do stand talking, the familier scene, even street noise, is carried with wind and turned into interior as the pleasant sign.At this facade of wide-opened showroom, the privacy of the housing is achieved because of an easy operation of the cross-sectional side, so that a look of the person who walks along a street and the person who is in residential space doesn’t cross directly.
I hope to become an opportunity that the existence of this building creates a pleasant connection to town that has very ordinary atmosphere and human relation we miss.








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